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Tanja is a working student at SeaTable in the marketing department. Like no other, she knows how to write appealing texts and create images in your head. She loves good coffee and is passionate about music.

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Property management made easy: How to manage real estate professionally

If you rent out properties, you should make sure you have good property management - regardless of whether you are renting privately or on a large scale. From utility bills to communication with tenants and service providers: the tasks of property management are many and varied. In this article, you will learn how to keep track of all properties, tenants, payments, documents and tasks.

Manage your own fleet with smart templates

Managing a fleet of vehicles is a versatile and responsible task for companies and self-employed persons. With a template for your fleet management, vehicles and their use can be planned precisely. In the following, we explain how you can manage bookings, returns, repairs and inspection dates in a convenient and uncomplicated way.

Indirect purchasing: simple and cost-saving with SeaTable

It is present in every company in one way or another: indirect purchasing. It includes the procurement, ordering and complete management of all goods and merchandise that are not resold, but remain within the company and are needed for the internal operations of the office organization. Typical examples of indirect materials are: Work equipment such as pens, pencils, notebooks Office equipment, [...]

4 steps to more efficient team meetings

Team meetings are an essential part of daily working life. Projects have to be coordinated, texts approved and decisions made. You see: Without regular and good communication, nothing moves forward. That's why meetings are quite often in workers' calendars. They spend more than 15 hours a month in meetings of all kinds, and quite often [...]

How to keep track of your team's sick leave

It happens time and again that employees in companies have to call in sick - it just doesn't go away. Especially in the times of the flu epidemic, staff shortages quickly occur when particularly many fall ill at the same time. Fortunately, this situation has greatly improved due to strict hygiene measures, as employees with symptoms of illness are now much more likely to go home [...]

How to create digital product management with SeaTable

Digital product management is indispensable in dealing with products in today's age. Because digitally, many things are so much easier than they used to be. One goal is to map the various interfaces of the entire product management from start to finish and to compile all information completely and compactly. This often involves switching between different programmes [...].

9 free business tools that will instantly enrich your business

Free business tools? Yes, please! For start-ups and small companies, investments in paid tools are often not yet feasible. Resources are scarce and they have to be managed very carefully, because the use of software or tools quickly adds up to quite a bit per month. However, those who don't want to do without practical work aids don't have to go down the tubes [...].

Perfect task management for your projects with SeaTable

Managing projects and task administration requires a lot of competence and organizational talent. Not everyone is able to properly coordinate projects to their employees and divide the demand evenly, but still sensibly. In addition to these skills, a good project management tool is an absolute must. Without it, you can quickly lose the overview, tasks become [...]

The perfect overview of your employees' leave requests

Vacation planning is an important part of human resources management that should be well organized. It is essential to avoid staff shortages due to duplicate approved vacation requests, so that the business does not get out of balance. With SeaTable, you can organize and manage your employees' vacation requests from application to approval in just a few steps. Vacation is regulated by law [...]

Increase your customer satisfaction with this contact form from SeaTable

Increasing customer satisfaction is the be-all and end-all for business success these days. Without satisfied customers, there is no basis for personal recommendations and word of mouth, one of the most important tools when it comes to building reach. Even worse, dissatisfied customers are much more likely to voice their opinions than satisfied customers. And bad reviews lead to a lack of [...]