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Content planning with SeaTable

Clear content planning with the content calendar from SeaTable

Successful online communication requires a well thought-out content marketing strategy. Social media and blog posts thrive on high-quality and target group-oriented content. But even the most well thought-out content strategy will fail if your editorial schedule is confusing and you cannot meet your deadlines. Our content calendar is an indispensable tool for planning all topics, tasks and responsibilities in time. Whether on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, with our template for content planning no post goes under. All deadlines for important publications will be met in the future. You will always have an overview of your upcoming and ongoing contributions.

SeaTable offers the perfect content planning template. Let's take a look at the example of a photoblog, how the content calendar of is SeaTable structured and which useful functions have been integrated.

Structure of the content calendar

Our SeaTable template for successful content planning for your online marketing team consists of three linked tables. Let's take a closer look at all three tables:

Content Production table

In the table "Content production" you can enter headline, subheadline and images of your contributions. In the second column you can adjust the status of your projects at any time using a simple selection. The column "Section" assigns your articles to the corresponding topic fields you are working on. To make sure you don't miss any deadlines, you can also enter the corresponding deadlines for the draft template and the publication date here. Links to articles already published on the blog can also be stored, giving your entire marketing team direct access to past articles.

Table Social Schedule

The use of all social media channels is essential nowadays. In the table "Social Schedule" you have an overview of which contributions are planned on which channels. Be it Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, nowadays all channels want to be covered. Simply group your table here by platform type to keep track of what's going on.

  • Each platform has different requirements regarding the length of posts, so you can always check in the "Character Count" column whether your posts are the right length. The maximum number of characters or the optimal length of your contribution per platform is clearly listed again here.
  • In the "Related Stories" column, you can select the corresponding post from the content production table.
  • In this table, your marketing team can also enter the corresponding links to the post and the web article

Table Freelancer Timesheets

Different topics require different expertise and therefore different authors. To keep an overview of the responsibilities for your planned articles, the table "Freelancer Timesheet" is useful.

  • Your freelancers are assigned to the corresponding articles here
  • In the "Attachments" column, the finished texts can be easily uploaded so that the entire team can access them at any time
  • You can also enter the hours needed to write the contribution here. The freelancer's wage is calculated immediately based on the hourly rate entered

Different views offer you the perfect overview of your content planning

SeaTable allows you to create a view tailored to your needs through different views, which immediately provides you with the desired, focused information. To change the view, simply click on the drop-down menu at the top left. Here you can also create new views yourself. In addition to the main view of our content calendar, the "All content by section" view provides you with an overview of all posts, sorted by topic. This helps you to immediately see which topic area is getting the most attention and which should be served with additional posts if necessary. Strategic issues can also be analysed in this way: Why are there so many posts in the beginner section? Are they perhaps particularly popular because my target group consists mainly of photography beginners?



Content planning made easy

The view "Production Status" provides an overview of the status of the planned contributions. To do this, the table is grouped by the Status column.

Content planning made easy

Finally, the "Content by Author" view gives you an overview of the contributions, grouped by the responsible authors.

Content planning through different views

Content planning made easy with SeaTable

Our free content template is ready for immediate use. Take a look at our photoblog example case to better understand the features of the calendar and then customize and use it for your campaign and contribution planning. No more planning your content with annoying, unsightly Excel spreadsheets. SeaTable offers different column types so that any kind of information can be integrated. Optimize the workflow of your online marketing team and keep track of your content marketing activities. Would you like to SeaTable optimize further processes of your marketing team? Maybe you will find further useful templates here.

Do you always have an eye on all the important holidays and action days when you plan your content? If not, this free calendar offers an overview of all important days in 2020!