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Wedding planner

Planning a wedding is time-consuming and requires good organisational skills. It is not for nothing that there are wedding planners whose profession is exactly that: planning one of the most beautiful days in life.
No matter if you are a wedding planner yourself or if you want to plan your wedding all by yourself. SeaTable helps you to keep track of all the tasks. With our comprehensive checklist with over 180 to-dos, you can keep track of all the tasks in the time leading up to the wedding.

You can use our evaluation lists to make informed decisions about your caterer, entertainment, location and florist. What's more, our guest list will not only help you send out invitations, but also plan the menu and create a seating plan.

On top of that, there is a budget tracker that helps you keep an eye on the financial side as well. You can share your SeaTable Base with others in full or in a limited way. This way you can get support in planning or easily forward information to the different stakeholders. For a detailed explanation of how SeaTable becomes your very own wedding planner, read our blog article The perfect wedding planning with SeaTable.

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