Managing art galleries? With SeaTable you can manage art and gallery at the same time!
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Manage art gallery

Managing art exhibitions, museums or art galleries requires not only artistic know-how but also organisational skills. Because like any kind of event, art exhibitions have to be planned, organised and implemented. The special feature here, however, is the preparation and organisation of the art treasures and all their specific information.

With this template you manage any kind of exhibition, museum or gallery. Here you can not only centrally collect all relevant information about the art pieces themselves, but also about your artists. Contracts, customers, restoration measures and other business-related topics concerning art galleries and museums can find space in this SeaTable table.

More information on this template can be found in the comprehensive article How museums and galleries manage their art exhibitions efficiently.


Organise your art exhibition and manage art treasures centrally and cloud-based - so you can access your tables from anywhere. To use this template, click on "Export" in the template at the top right. You can then import this template directly into SeaTable.

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