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Human Resources & HR

Manage and implement timekeeping: With SeaTable web form

Recording of working time

The recording of working time in companies is an integral part of the daily work routine and, as a process, is usually regarded as a triv...

With SeaTable's expense management you always have your purchases in view

Management of expenditure

You should always keep a close eye on your expenses - because at the end of the month you often don't know what you actually spent your money on.

Organise job interviews easily with SeaTable


Interviews are mandatory when hiring new employees and can sometimes consume a lot of time. Especially when particularly ...

Organise job interviews easily with SeaTable

Applicant Management

Recruiting and HR is often responsible for advertising open positions and the entire applicant management. Here ...

Staff briefing is no problem with a well-organised SeaTable table

Employee Instruction

An employee induction is, in most cases, one of the most important things to do in a new employee's first days on the job e...

Design your employee directory in detail with SeaTable

List of employees

Especially in companies without a central employee database, it is important to create an employee directory - not only for your translat...

Turn your shift schedule into a simple organisational tool with SeaTable

Shift schedule

Are you a small business, café or restaurant and want to get an overview of your shift staffing? SeaTable can help you ...

A digital timesheet is not only good for the environment, but also saves time


In companies without stamping systems, recording working time with time sheets is still a popular method. The use of paper...

Manage holiday requests easily with SeaTable

Manage leave requests

Managing employees' leave requests can sometimes be quite a hassle. Especially with manual applications or the management of...

Workshop planning is easy with SeaTable's features.

Workshop Planning

Workshops for the internal training of your employees are not only important for your company, but also for existing and future...

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