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Recording of working time

Recording working time in companies is an integral part of daily work and is usually regarded as a minor process. Yet companies that do not have a digital recording system can save a lot of money and time with a digital solution. Filling out timesheets by hand is not only twice as time-consuming, but also carries the risk of making mistakes when transferring data and hours.

SeaTable offers the possibility to simplify the complete process of recording employees' working hours and furthermore to make the data easily available for accounting. With a web form, paper slips and stamping systems are replaced by a uniform and structured system that collects all data securely in one central location. We have developed a suitable template that will speed up and improve your processes. In our blog post, we explain in detail the advantages of using SeaTable to record working hours!

Due to the cloud structure, SeaTable is not only a spreadsheet software, but also a database that is always up-to-date and synchronous - no matter who is working on it, all data is updated in real time. This has the advantage that separate Excel lists no longer have to be maintained and exported individually, but all working hours can be transferred collectively to the accounting department.

These features are included in the template:


  • Extended releases for internal groups and external partnersso that, for example, the accounting department only has access to certain views.
  • Locking rows for your employees - they can no longer make changes to the rows or change data subsequently
  • Individual security settings for changing and using the base for user groups
  • Personalised web form for adaptation to your corporate identity


  • Web form for recording working time, which you can adapt entirely to your needs
  • Automatic hour calculation with formula function
  • Automatic recognition of calendar weeks with formula function
  • Single-select columns for categorising and grouping data
  • Calendar plugin for a better overview
  • Statistics for the analysis and evaluation of working hours


Say goodbye to laborious time recording with timesheets and the cumbersome processing of data. With SeaTable, you have all the data in one central collection point and can release it for accounting and tax offices. Register today for free and try out the practical features of our template!

To use this template, click on "Export" in the top right-hand corner of the template. You SeaTable can then import this template directly into the template.

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