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Applicant Management

Recruiting and HR is often responsible for advertising open positions and the entire applicant management. This is where applications, deadline management and communication come together - in order not to lose the overview here, a well-structured applicant management is very important so that the entire application process can be handled in a comprehensible manner.

Our template shows the entire application process: The applicant applies via a web form in which all important contact data is recorded and then stored in the SeaTable table together with his/her documents (such as CV and cover letter). This is followed by the assignment of a responsible team member who organises and follows the subsequent interview steps. The applicant status and all interview dates and notes are centrally documented in this base.

With the Kanban board and the calendar, you can keep an eye on all applicants at all times. The grouping and sorting functions show you which applicants you have already interviewed and for which positions you are still looking for employees. This makes your application process fast, structured and lean, and your recruiting can improve effectively with the right tips.

Applicant management has never been so easy! In our contribution we explain the functions and the use of this template step by step. You will find this template directly in SeaTable in the templates section. “Human Resources”.

Features used in this template:

  • Web form for new applications and to record interview notes.
  • Assigndifferent views & permissions" so that each employee knows exactly what they should/may work on.
  • Sorting" according to upcoming appointments
  • Automatic notification by e-mail" when a new application is received so that the right contact person can be assigned directly.
  • Statistics" for a statistical evaluation of the number of applicants.
  • Kanban and calendar plug-in so that you have all applicants and their status in the application at a glance.
  • Column types used: Text, Single Select, Date, Numbers, Formulas, Automatic/Consecutive Numbering, People, Email, Files, Rating, Shortcut
  • Advanced approvals and permissions allow you to restrict, for example, that only employees from the personnel department are allowed to create and publish new job positions. Or you can release individual views to your colleagues to start the onboarding process. These functions are only available with Plus or Enterprise.
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