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Employee Instruction

An employee induction is in most cases one of the most important things that have to be done in the first working days of a new employee. However, some things are not ticked off directly after week one, such as feedback meetings, IT training or introductions to business customers. In order not to lose sight of these appointments and to-do's, our template can be profitably used for onboarding.

Our template can be individualised separately for each new employee, so that checklists for the start and the first day of work no longer have to be distributed manually on paper. The new employee is given the table in advance and has everything listed there that he or she has to do in advance and which tasks will arise in the coming period.

In this way, the perfect employee briefing can be designed, in which the new employee can already prepare for everything independently. House rules, information about the team, site plans and much more can be easily stored in the briefing in file format. Onboarding with SeaTable is particularly practical for the home office.

Check out our blog for an article with tips and tricks on how to use this template for employee orientation.

Now nothing stands in the way of a perfect job start. To use this template, click on "Export" in the top right-hand corner of the template. You can then import this template directly into SeaTable.

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