Workshop planning is easy with SeaTable's features.
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Workshop Planning

Workshops for the internal training of your employees are not only important for your company, but also an essential point for existing and future employees when it comes to the attractiveness of their workplace. Managing workshops and seminars can quickly become a big task, especially when there are offers in different subject areas.

This is exactly where SeaTable comes in and offers the possibility as software and database to map all information and matters concerning the workshops in one process. With a web form, employees can register for the workshops, and an evaluation of the training and the coach can also be requested with a web form. All information entered immediately ends up in the base and can be used. In our blog post you will learn in detail which functions were used in this template and what advantages they have.

In addition to these functions, your SeaTable Base is a collection point for all relevant data about the workshops and coaches. With the calendar plugin, dates are clearly displayed and with the maps plugin you know immediately where the next workshop will take place. The Page Design plugin also offers the creation of trainer profiles and participation certificates for printing - all with the data stored in your base.

These features are included in the template:


  • Personalised releases of individual tables and views for internal groups and external partnersso that coaches and staff only see what they should see
  • Locking of rows and individualised permissions for involved users - they can no longer make changes to the rows or change data only with granted permission
  • Individual security settings for changing and using the base for user groups
  • Personalised web form for the integration of your corporate identity


  • Web form to register participants and collect feedback
  • Column types with different functions
  • Deposit of data such as pictures and documents in the base
  • Calendar plugin for a better overview
  • Map plugin for location visualisation
  • Page Design Plugin for the creation of certificates and information sheets
  • Single-select columns for categorising and grouping data

Increase your company values with internal training measures and value your employees by offering them new challenges and advancing their careers. This contributes positively to the satisfaction of your employees and also has an impact on your company!

To use this template, click on "Export" in the top right-hand corner of the template. You SeaTable can then import this template directly into the template.

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