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Digital product management

Digital product management is more in demand today than ever before: modern products and increasing digitalisation demand fast and transparent methods to develop products and bring them successfully to market. Product management consists of many different task areas and is therefore very diverse. Often, different tools are used to map all processes. This can lead to more confusion than clarity and is therefore counterproductive. A solution must be found that makes things easier.

SeaTable starts here and is able to bring together the most diverse processes and enable meaningful, efficient and transparent collaboration. As a highly flexible software, it brings together things like product catalogues, sales figures and store management, project and task management in a meaningful way and thus establishes order and efficiency. In our blog post, you will learn how our template works and how it can help your product management achieve maximum efficiency.

In our template, we have depicted a digital product management with different work areas. On the one hand, product catalogues disclose information for external purposes, on the other hand, important internal information is stored here that is needed for product development and implementation and can thus be accessed by every employee. Since SeaTable also functions as a database, all stored product images form a complete image database in original quality with the gallery plug-in.

The sales figures of all stores can be easily documented in SeaTable and then analysed. SeaTable's statistics create meaningful and individual charts that visualise your data in a meaningful way and help you monitor developments. SeaTable is also ideal for managing projects and the associated tasks. Use the Kanban board as a central element of your task management and benefit from a holistic system that brings all data together at one point.

These features are included in the template:


  • Personalised releases of individual tables and views for internal groups and external partnersso that external partners and teams only see what they should see.
  • Locking of rows and individualised permissions for involved users - they can no longer make changes to the rows or change data only with granted permission
  • Individual security settings for changing and using the base for user groups


  • Column types with different functions
  • Deposit of data images in the base and use of the gallery plug-in for an extensive image database
  • Timeline plug-in for a better time overview of projects and tasks
  • Map plugin for location visualisation of the different stores
  • Kanban plugin for easier task management
  • Single-select columns for categorising and grouping data
  • Advanced statistics for a more flexible statistics design

Take your product management to a new level and complete projects quickly, efficiently and successfully. Develop and maintain products completely digitally while managing all tasks in the same place where you profitably analyse sales. Get started today and try out SeaTable's many features!

To use this template, click on "Export" in the top right-hand corner of the template. You SeaTable can then import this template directly into the template.

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