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Time Blocking

There are many different approaches to increasing productivity. One of them is the so-called time blocking method, in which fixed time slots are blocked during the day for certain tasks. In these time slots, there is no room for distractions: no emails, no calls, no colleagues, so if possible, no interruptions at all. After all, constant interruptions are the main reason why our productivity cannot develop properly.

Functions of this template:

  • Calendar Plugin for the creation of day/week views
  • Kanban plugin for creating a Kanban board for task management

To increase your productivity and realise your full potential, time blocking should be well planned visually and organisationally. SeaTable offers valuable functions and plugins to support you in this. With the Calendar plugin, you can schematically display your daily schedule and visually determine which time slots are blocked during the day for concentrated work.

With the Kanban plugin, you can also create a personalised Kanban board and put your daily tasks into a to-do scheme. This way, you not only have your daily routine structured in terms of time, but also have tasks sorted and assigned to projects. You can find out exactly how Time Blocking works and how to integrate the plugins into your SeaTable base in our blog post about the advantages of Time Blocking.

Increase efficiency and productivity with just a few steps: That is SeaTable with its versatile functions. To use this template, click on "Export" in the template at the top right. You can then import this template directly into SeaTable.

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