Working time recording is more than just that: Use SeaTable to improve internal processes
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Project time recording

Time tracking for projects is incredibly important for service providers. The time spent on projects, be it the design of a new brand logo or the conception of a marketing strategy, is usually the guideline for client invoices for agencies and the like. With our template for project time tracking, you not only have an overview of your working hours, but also see directly how much time you have needed for projects and clients. SeaTable supports you optimally in this process and facilitates time management and monthly billing.

A well-managed time tracking system can also help you streamline your workflow and create distraction-free time. In our post, we clarified why time tracking is so unpopular, but why it's still essential, and why SeaTable makes it one of the easiest tasks of the day.

Always keep track of time and use it to your advantage. To use this template, click on "Export" in the top right corner of the template. In SeaTable you can then import this template directly.

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