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Event planning

Whether you are planning a trip through South America, organizing a wedding or designing an executive education program, good organization is a must. It doesn't matter if you are organizing an event for the first time or if you are a practiced event manager. Structured event planning is the first cornerstone for a successful event, which is why it is important to rely on the right tools here.

A traditional spreadsheet is often no longer enough for team organization and communication, something versatile is needed. This is where SeaTable comes in: SeaTable allows each team player to see exactly what makes sense to them. If you have external participants in an event, for example, you can provide a link with a web form that can be used to register. The results of the web form then appear in your event planner - automatically and without annoying manual entry.

Organizing your events will become much easier - SeaTable's smart features make it possible. To use this template, click on "Export" in the top right corner of the template. In SeaTable you can then import this template directly.

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