A bug tracker with SeaTable helps you quickly solve problems in your software
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bug tracker

Bug tracking is frustrating if there is no proper tracking system in place. The three most important elements in bug tracking are bugs, the associated features and the people responsible. A poor bug tracker or no bug tracker at all often makes these three elements appear as a three-dimensional problem, as the processes are difficult to assign.

With our Bug Tracker Template, you can easily document bugs in software and initiate the resolution process. Thanks to SeaTable's linking function, this 3D problem can be solved dynamically at any time. Change, delete or add new column headings to create appropriate communication channels for product managers, developers, software testers and UI/UX designers in your team. This way, every employee knows what the status of which bug is.

Fix any bug in record time - at least a bad bug tracker can no longer cost you valuable time. If you are still in the active software testing process, you can also solve this with SeaTable.

To use this template, click on "Export" in the top right-hand corner of the template. You SeaTable can then import this template directly into the template.

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