Create a flexible booking system with the SeaTable web form
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Booking system for appointments

If you are a service provider or deal a lot with clients, organising appointments and meetings can quickly become exhausting and confusing without a good system. It sometimes takes time to find a common appointment. This not only strains your nerves, but also those of your customers. Here, it is worth investing in a uniform, digital booking system to simplify the booking of appointments.

With the functions of web forms, SeaTable offers an excellent basis for a booking system that not only facilitates the coordination of appointments, but also requests all important and relevant information from the participants at the same time. After submitting the form, all data is automatically displayed in the table, which can be designed according to your needs. Your customers select the appointments you have specified.

So using web forms not only has a clear advantage for surveys, but also works great for coordinating appointments. To use this template, click on "Export" in the top right-hand corner of the template. You can then import this template directly into SeaTable.

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