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CRM Offer Management

When your company grows in turnover, the number of customers and your associated customer relationship management (CRM) usually grows as well. Customer data must be collected and tracked efficiently and quickly. Everyone in your company, from the sales force to marketing, purchasing and finance, should always have the best overview of customers, customer appointments, turnover and much more. The intuitive benefit should always be in the foreground. A good CRM system can quickly end up with expensive software solutions such as Salesforce or SAP-Hybris. But this is where SeaTable comes into play and leaves nothing to be desired.

Simply enter your customer data via web form and let it flow fully automatically into your SeaTable base. Based on the turnover potential of the customer, you can assign the customer to the responsible member of your field sales team in no time at all. With the help of the calendar plug-in, you and your employees always have an overview of all upcoming customer appointments. You also want to create a quotation in less than 2 minutes? Nothing could be easier. With this template, you can also maintain your product range, which then automatically leads to an offer with just a few clicks. You can then print it out directly or save it as a PDF document and send it to your customers by post or e-mail. With the Kanban view, you can keep an eye on all customers and sales phases and know exactly which phase the customer or your employee is currently in. The template is rounded off by a dashboard that shows you the most important figures about the customers and the corresponding turnover.

What are you waiting for? Get started today and optimise your CRM. Read more about this in our blog article "CRM: From customer acquisition to the offer".

Features used in the CRM template:

Free Features:

  • "View lock" & "Hide columns" so that every employee has the information relevant to them at a glance.
  • " Assigndifferent views & permissions" so that each staff member knows exactly what they should/may work on.
  • "Grouping" according to priority of the client or position of the employee.
  • "Sorting" according to ascending rating of clients
  • "Set notifications" so that appointments and new clients are not forgotten and are processed in time.
  • "Statistics" for an optimal overview of your customers, products and turnover.
  • "Kanban, Map, Calendar and Page Design Plug-in" so that you have all sales phases, customer appointments, locations of the individual customers at a glance. In addition, you can create your personal offer in no time at all, print it out or send it to your customer by e-mail.
  • Column types used: Text, Single Select, Multi Select, Date, Numbers, Formulas, Automatic/Consecutive Numbering, People, Email. URL, Files, Rating, Link

Paid Features:

  • "Web forms" for entering the new customer data (a paid subscription must be taken out for customisation)
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