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Supply Chain Management

When it comes to recording incoming and outgoing goods as efficiently as possible, you cannot avoid optimal supply chain management (SCM). Of course, the goal should always be to analyse and optimise processes in order to reduce overall costs in the company. This does not always have to end with complex solutions, such as Demand Works, for which you even end up spending a lot of money. With SeaTable, you create a place where you can take your supply chain management to a new level.

Enter your goods receipts and goods issues easily via web form and let them flow into your SeaTable base fully automatically. Maintain your product range in SeaTable with just a few clicks and always keep an overview of your stock. Nothing is worse than having an empty warehouse and no longer being able to supply your customers. With a safety quantity predefined by you, SeaTable automatically calculates the replenishment to be ordered. With just one click, your supplier is informed directly and the goods are on their way to you. The template is rounded off by a dashboard that shows you the most important figures about your supply chain.

What are you waiting for? Get started today and optimise your supply chain management. Read more about this in our blog article "How to optimise your supply chain management with SeaTable".

Features of the SCM template used:

Free Features:

  • "Hiding columns" so that every employee has the information relevant to them at a glance.
  • "Different views so that each employee knows exactly what they should/must work on.
  • "Grouping" according to dispatch status.
  • "Sorting" according to ascending rating of the products (ABC)
  • "Statistics" for an optimal overview of your suppliers, products and warehouse.
  • "Kanban, Map Plug-in" so that you have all product statuses and orders at a glance.
  • Column types used: Text, Single Select, Multi Select, Date, Numbers, Formulas, Automatic/Consecutive Numbering, People, Email. URL, Files, Rating, Link

Paid Features:

  • "Web forms" for recording new goods receipts and orders (a paid subscription must be taken out for customisation)
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