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Become a Pro

As an inutitive web application offers SeaTable a smooth start. The fast entry of data into bases, the uncomplicated use of filters and groups and the easy release of bases leads to a quick sense of achievement. But SeaTable there is also something for heavy users and demanding use cases in peto! With SeaTable's extensive formulas collection, you can perform mathematical, logical and other operations in one table and across tables. With the creation of relations between tables in bases, you can start to use the full potential of being SeaTable a database application. Are you curious about what other applications SeaTable might be of interest?

This section covers advanced topics for experienced SeaTable users. If you are a SeaTable beginner, you will probably not need them. For this reason, some posts in this section have a different structure and form. Read them on the following pages,

  • with which key combinations you can speed up your work inSeaTable
  • which formulas are available in SeaTable ,
  • how they open SeaTable up completely new fields of application with database links,
  • how to integrate a Seafile Server as data storage in a Base and
  • how to integrate a Base into another application via API token.

The other advanced topic, Integration and Enlargement, can be found in a separate section devoted to this topic.


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