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API Tokens

The abbreviation API stands for Application Programming Interface and typically describes a programming interface for the standardized exchange of information between an application and individual program parts. An API defines the structure and syntax required to execute predefined commands. APIs are typically found in Web applications and are primarily intended to make life easier for developers. A more comprehensive explanation of APIs can be found in the following article from howtogeek.com The complete API documentation of SeaTable can be found under this link.

Generate API token for zapier.com

zapier.com is a web service that allows you as a user to link actions between different web applications and automate everyday tasks. Such a link could for example be between your Google Calendar and SeaTable useful. Every time you create a new entry in your Google Calendar, SeaTable a new entry is automatically created for you in a table. In order zapierfor .com to access your SeaTable account, you must create a unique API token for your base.

To do this, move the mouse over the desired Base and click on the three points to display the extended context menu. Here you will find the entry API-Token. If you click on it, you have the possibility to create as many API Tokens as you like for this Base. Such an API token is required Zapier for authentication.

Create API token inSeaTable

Copy the API token to the clipboard and paste it into the authentication dialog of Zapier . This gives Zapier access to your base and allows you to perform the automated actions.

SeaTable API token for authentication in Zapier

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