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Data management

In SeaTable you organize data of any type and format just the way you want it: Dates and tasks for the upcoming product launch, images for the next exhibition as well as property data for efficient property management. SeaTable's flexible analysis tools allow you to organize your data in the structure you want, and its various view modules open up new fields of application. If you are so enthusiastic about your data that you lose it, SeaTables versioning and snapshots allow you to recover it in no time.

In this section, you will learn more about all these capabilities of SeaTable. Specifically you will learn,

  • how SeaTable data is organized and how you manage it
  • what options you have for data entry,
  • how easily you can analyze and evaluate data,
  • which offers various recovery SeaTable options and
  • how to import data into SeaTable and export data fromSeaTable

The contributions focus on the work of individual users on bases and tables. If you want to learn more about SeaTable's team features, skip to the Collaboration section.


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