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Quick start

You are interested in SeaTable and want to know more? Get to know its functions and its operation? Learn what's ahead of SeaTable classic spreadsheet solutions like Excel?

In 10 minutes you will learn in this quick start,

  • what SeaTable is and what constitutes its versatility,
  • how uncomplicated - and without costs - you can get SeaTable started,
  • what flexible options you have for data collection,
  • how easy it is to get into SeaTable data analysis by hand,
  • how SeaTable to promote teamwork and
  • how SeaTable can be even better adapted to your needs.

Use the many links on the following pages to learn more about SeaTable's features and functions.

You can't wait to get started with SeaTable? Our sales team will be happy to discuss how SeaTable can help your team!

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