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You have found your SeaTable favourite, but you are missing one or the other function? You want to automate certain tasks and you want to integrate SeaTable into existing systems? With SeaTable us you have all these possibilities! The ability to integrate and expand is part of the SeaTable DNA.

SeaTable Market

The SeaTable Market is the central marketplace for SeaTable plugins. Have a look, maybe there is already the extension you are looking for.

The plug-ins available on SeaTable Market can be activated directly via the Plugin Manager in the table view of a base. You can access the Plugin Manager by clicking on the Plugin icon in the upper right corner of the table view.

Own development

The plugins of the SeaTable Market are based on the Realtime SDK from SeaTable. With this you can develop your own plugins with little effort. You can find all details about SeaTable the SDK in the developer documentation. You can import your own plugins using the Plugin Manager.

SeaTable's powerful REST API allows you to integrate SeaTable with other systems with virtually no limits. For all SeaTable API information, see SeaTables API documentation.

For both plug-ins and integration, SeaTable uses popular programming languages such as JavaScript and Python. Your developers can get started right away.

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