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What is SeaTable?

SeaTable is something different depending on who you ask: for project managers SeaTable is a flexible project management tool, for developers it is a bug and issue tracking system and for market researchers it is a survey software. Agencies use SeaTable as a collaboration platform and collectors as an archiving solution. SeaTable is in fact as this. And that only addresses a few of the myriad use cases.

It is clearer to say what SeaTable is from a technical perspective: SeaTable is a collaborative database application with an intuitive spreadsheet interface. Data entry is therefore simple as in a spreadsheet à la Excel, but the possibilities go far beyond those of a classic spreadsheet. As a web application, a browser is all you need to use SeaTable. No download, no programme installation, no configuration - registration takes less than 15 seconds and you are ready to go.

SeaTable …

... organizes ALL your data

SeaTable gives you complete freedom to organize your data. Excel understands only text, numbers and formulas. SeaTable does not have these limitations. SeaTable allows you to store text-based information as well as images and files. Single-select fields allow for clear categorization, while multiple-select fields allow for quick keywording. Barcodes, geoposition data, and references to people and other field types allow you to store all of your data in one place. And SeaTable doesn't just provide richer format support. As a database application, SeaTable supports relationships between records in different tables, allowing you to do things you could not do in Excel.

... presents your data as you need it

Once you get used to SeaTable's versatile analysis features, you will want to miss them more. Easy-to-use sorting, filtering, and grouping functions ensure that you always have the data you need at your fingertips, and the statistics functions make sophisticated analysis easy. In addition, SeaTables provides you with a variety of view modules, such as the Calendar, Gallery or Chart view, to give you completely new display options to support your work. For example, a first click puts the dates and phases of your event planning on a calendar, a second click shows the accompanying images in a gallery, and a third click shows the event locations on a map. You don't want to do without that anymore, do you?

... makes teams even stronger

You work together and in real time on all the things you organize in SeaTable. New entries and changes are immediately visible to every user; you and your team are always up to date. Want to comment on a change? Just leave a comment right there! That way, it's always clear what you're talking about, and even two months later, you won't have to worry about when, where and through what channel you've shared with your colleagues.

Sharing individual records and entire tables with other users is a snap. By assigning individual user permissions, you can control who can and cannot do what. Sharing is not limited to other SeaTable users: You can also share data with external partners and collaborate directly.

... is an analysis and survey tool in one

You do not always have to enter data yourself. SeaTable's web form editor will create a web survey or advanced contact form for you in no time at all. You can define relevant fields, dependencies, notifications and more in the survey's graphical design mode. When the data collection is complete, the data is analyzed right where it was saved: In SeaTable.

... you can integrate seamlessly and expand without limits

Make 1 + 1 = 3 by linking SeaTable to other applications and integrating it with other solutions. Thanks to the REST API, this is not a challenge.

Processes can be automated and standardized with scripts. A rapidly growing number of plug-ins that allow you to add functionality to SeaTable can be found in SeaTable Market. But don't let that limit you. SeaTable's Realtime SDK provides you with everything you need to develop your own scripts and plug-ins. We are excited to see what you build for SeaTable!

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