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Own templates

SeaTable can be used in so many different ways that there will never be ready-made templates for every use case. Or you may have very specific needs and requirements that are not reflected in the available templates and require a team-specific template. No problem! Why don't you just create your own, completely individual templates?

Get inspired and create your own templates that you SeaTable use over and over again.

Creation of an own template

You can create your own template from scratch or derive it from an existing base or table. The procedure is identical: Create the tables you need in a Base, define the table layout according to your needs and create the views, statistics and web forms as required for your application. Also add some dummy data to illustrate the use of the template and make it easier for users to use it.

Now export your template. The export of a template is identical to the export of a base. Whenever you want to use your template, import the export file of the base in DTABLE format and start immediately. (For more information on exporting and importing bases, see the Data Import and Export article in the Data Management section).

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