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Template Use

With templates, when working in a Base, you do not start at 0, but at 100! Enter data immediately in the appropriate data structure with predefined views.

See for yourself how easy it is to use templates in SeaTable and make use of them.

Creating a new base from a template

You have found a template in the template library that you want to use? Great! In order to be able to enter your own data in this template, you only have to create a new base based on the template.

If you are already logged into your user account, then all requirements are met. If you are not logged in or do not have a SeaTable account, then log in or register an account.

Now click on Add Base. A menu opens, in which you will find the options for creating a new Base. Select Create Base from Template. The Template Administration opens. Click on the templates presented there to get more information. You can create a new Base based on the template by clicking on the button Use template.

Back in your Bases library you will find a new Base within the selected group or in My Bases. The name of the newly created Base is the name of the template. If you do not like it, simply rename the Base.

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