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Ready templates

SeaTable provides ready-made templates for many use cases. Use them to kickstart your work and get SeaTable up and running faster and more efficiently.

In this article you will learn where to find the templates.

template library

You can access the continuously growing template collection in several ways: via the Template Library on the SeaTable.io website - this is possible without login - , via the Template button in the navigation of the Bases Library and when creating a new Base, if you select Create Base from Template. Numerous templates are available to you.

The templates for SeaTable are divided into the following categories:

  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales & Customers
  • Human Resources & HR
  • Software development

In each category you will find several templates. Each template has a short description and a description of the use case. Below the description you will find an interactive image of the template with its table layout, views, and dummy data. Take a close look at the template, click around in it and check whether it fits your use case!

your template

You have a template you are proud of and want to share it with other SeaTable users? Give it to me! Tell us what makes your template special, how you use it and how it makes your work easier. Send your template and your story to info@seatable.io (Please remove any personal or confidential data from the template)

When your template and story is published, you will receive an Amazon voucher worth €100 for your work for the community!

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