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A strong team also includes an efficient administration. InSeaTable , the administration of your user account and that of your team takes place entirely via the web interface of SeaTable. Whether user settings, team members, group membership or subscription, the appropriate settings are only a few clicks away.

In this section you will learn where and how to manage your own settings, those of your user account and - as a team manager - those of your team. In the following articles you will learn,

  • how to change your user password,
  • how to enable and disable the 2-factor authentication
  • what languages SeaTable supports and how to switch languages,
  • where and how you manage your team,
  • how to change your subscription,
  • which means of payment you can use and where you can update them and
  • where you can retrieve invoices.

Do you have questions about account management that are not answered here? The SeaTable Forum is where users help other users. If you have a Plus or Enterprise subscription, please contact us directly in writing.


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