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Subscription management

You can adjust your subscription to your changing needs at any time of day or night in the account management. Book more users, retrieve invoices, change payment data or invoice address, as a team administrator this is done in a few moments.

Subscription management

You open the Subscription Management via the Billing section in the Account Management by clicking on Manage Subscription. In the pop-up that opens, you can

  • change and cancel your subscription
  • adjust your account details
  • update your billing address (including VAT ID)
  • check their payment methods, and
  • retrieve their issued invoices.

Customize Subscription

To customize your subscription and the users you have booked, click on your existing subscription in the subscription management pop-up and then on Edit subscription. To end your subscription, select the alternative option End Subscription. You can undo this action at any time until the end of the current subscription period using the Subscription Administration.

A change to a higher-value subscription and the booking of additional users is effective immediately. You will receive a credit note for the remaining subscription period of an existing chargeable subscription, which will be credited to the new subscription.

A change to a subscription with a smaller scope of services as well as a change to a Free Subscription is made at the end of the current subscription period. The same applies to the termination of a subscription.

Change payment methods

As a user of a Free subscription, you do not need to enter a means of payment.

When upgrading for the first time or when a stored means of payment expires, the Subscription Administration will ask you to store payment data for a valid means of payment.

To do this, click on Payment Methods in the Subscription Administration.

retrieve bills

You can access invoices for a chargeable subscription via the menu Invoice run in the subscription administration. Make sure that you have entered the correct billing address. It is not possible to change the bill subsequently.

No invoices are generated for Free subscriptions.

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