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Personal settings

In SeaTable, you manage your user account yourself through the personal settings. You can also configure the password protection and 2-factor authentication of your account by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner of the menu.

This article explains how you can change your personal settings including your password and thus adapt them to your needs.


The profile includes your avatar, your name and your contact email address.

The avatar is a small image file that is used in many places in SeaTable alone or with your name as a placeholder for your user (e.g., for shares). You can use an image file in GIF, JPG/JPEG, and PNG format with a maximum size of 1MB as your avatar image. You change the avatar image by clicking on the current image. Find the desired image file in the file manager that opens and confirm your selection. SeaTable will upload the image and automatically scale it to the correct size.

The name is the name for your user in your team or in SeaTable. You are free to choose the name. We recommend a descriptive name so that other team members can easily identify you.

The contact e-mail address is shown here for information only. You or the team administrator can only change it via the account management.


You can change your password by clicking on Update. In the window that opens, you must first enter your old password and then a new one twice.


You can use SeaTable in four languages: English, French, German and Chinese (as of September 19, 2020). Click on the current language and simply select the desired language from the drop-down list. The change will reload your personal settings and the page will appear in the selected language.

E-mail notification of table changes

Define here which changes and how often you want to be notified by e-mail about changes.

2-factor authentication

The 2-factor authentication (2FA) offers optimal protection of your user account and thus your data against unauthorized access. If 2FA is activated, you must enter a time-dependent code during login in addition to your user password. This code or token is generated by a 2FA app on your mobile phone or tablet. Such an app, of which there are numerous free ones available in the iOS App and Android Play Store, is a prerequisite for 2FA.

To enable 2FA, click Enable 2-factor authentication and scan the displayed QR Code with the app. The app will then generate a six-digit token and display it. Enter this token into SeaTable. When you confirm your entry, the access protection by mobile phone code is activated. For future logins, you will now need to enter the current token in addition to the password.

In order to provide you with access to SeaTable even if you lose your 2FA generator, SeaTable offers replacement tokens during 2FA activation. These can be used as an alternative to the mobile phone token. The replacement tokens can only be used once.

A new set of 9 replacement codes - in case of loss or consumption of the old ones - can be created at the same place in the personal settings, after 2FA is activated.

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