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When working together on data, discussions about the correctness of the data or the accuracy of entries are the rules rather than the exception. You do not want to have such discussions by e-mail or in chat systems, but preferably directly in the table itself. This way, even days and weeks later and without a long search, it is clear why the data is as it is and how the agreement was reached.

SeaTable provides a commenting feature for sharing tables and bases with other users, which is introduced in this article.

Comment function

In SeaTable, you can have a separate discussion for each table entry in a table. Entries for which a discussion is being held are indicated by a balloon icon in the 1st column. The number in the balloon represents the number of new comments in the last 7 days. You can view the current discussion by clicking on the icon.

The discussions and all comments are visible to all persons with access to Base. This includes people who access a table via an external link.

Comments in a table are not taken into account when exporting a base or exporting a table to an XLSX file.

Create comment

To create a new comment, right-click on the line to be commented and select Comment Line from the context menu that opens. This opens the comment panel on the right-hand side. If comments have already been made for an entry, they are listed in chronological order in the upper part of the panel. For each individual comment, the author and creation time are also recorded.

Enter your comment in the input box at the bottom of the comment panel. You can insert pictures and @-references to individual users in a comment using the two buttons below the input box. The links make it clear to whom your comment is directed, which is especially helpful if there are a large number of participants. You release a comment by clicking the Submit button.

Those users who participate in a discussion receive a notification in Base that a new comment has been added. The people involved in a discussion are listed above the input box. Every user who comments is automatically added to the participants. By clicking on the plus icon, you can change the discussion participants and thus the people who are notified of a new comment via notification.

Manage discussion

An ongoing discussion can be accessed by clicking on the speech bubble icon.

To record the status of comments, comments can be marked as completed. To do this, click on the three-point icon to the right of the comment and select the menu item with the same name. Once a comment has been marked as completed, it cannot be marked as open or uncompleted again. To do this, you must create the comment again.

You can delete your own comments using the three-point icon. You cannot delete third-party comments, not even if you are the owner of a base. Deleting a comment cannot be undone, neither via the comment panel itself nor via the logs.

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