Order for all thoughts and ideas

SeaTable gives you the certainty that everything is organised and documented. So that you have an overview at all times and you can concentrate on implementing your thoughts and ideas.

Organise all information in one place

SeaTable offers you all the functions you need to stay in control of your data. Give them structure and work with them efficiently.

Concentrate on the essentials

With SeaTable you can sort, filter and group your data. So you always have the right perspective, no matter how large your data sets are.

Share your work with others

Most of the time, working in a team is more efficient. Share individual bases with your teammates to better manage the work.

Visualise your work

Efficient work requires different ways of presenting your data. SeaTable offers everything you need.

Simply enter new data

Make life easy for yourself and enter new data via form, API or one of our integrations.

Automate your processes.

For recurring tasks, SeaTable offers a variety of options for automation.

Design your own system

Create your own templates and customise the complete colour scheme, logo and even the URL.

Integrate SeaTable into your infrastructure

Use your own system without limits and without effort. We take care of the technology and maintenance for you.

Connect SeaTable to your world

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Link SeaTable to all the apps you already use and use SeaTable as an organised hub to organise your life.