Location visualisation is easy with SeaTable

Location visualisation with SeaTable

With the SeaTable map plugin

With SeaTable's map plugin, location visualisation is easy. Be it the locations of your branches, the address data of your customers or the residences of your employees. With instant geocoding, our map plugin processes existing location data into points on an interactive map. Let's take a look at the installation and setup of the map plugin using the Store Location Template. In this template you have the possibility to clearly summarise your different shops with address data, region, telephone number and contact person. The map plug-in could now help you, for example, to make strategic location decisions.

How do I install the SeaTable map plugin?

Plugins extend the functionality of your tables or your data. If you have a column with address data in your table, such as the column with the corresponding addresses of your branches, you can have the data records displayed on a map. The address entered is automatically recognised here and does not require any special format. The map plug-in is very easy to install. Click on the Plugins field on the right as shown below and then on Add Plugins. Click on add under the map plugin. The plugin will be installed in a few seconds and is immediately available to you in full. Click on the three small dots to add the map plugin to your toolbar at the top for even faster access.

Install maps plugin

Install maps plugin

The map plugin is set up in a few steps

Click on "Maps" in your toolbar to set up the plugin. Under Forms you can select the corresponding table from which the geodata are to be taken. The column in which your location data is entered can also be selected here under Address field.

SeaTable uses your position data for the map plug-in. If these are not yet activated, a prompt to activate them will normally appear, as below.

Set maps plugin

Set maps plugin

Using the map plug-in

After setting up the map plug-in, you can now use it as you wish. You can zoom in and move the mouse over the individual locations to display even more information about them.

Display additional location information

More plugins from SeaTable

In addition to the map plugin for your location visualisation, other SeaTable plugins are also available. The timeline plugin shows you temporal data and thus helps to visualise projects. The Gallery plugin shows you pictures or other documents in a large map form to highlight them. With the Calendar plugin you have all your appointments at a glance. With these SeaTable plugins you can make your workflow even more efficient. Get started now!

Ricarda Bucher
Ricarda is a working student at SeaTable in the marketing department. Her hobbyhorse is visual communication on Pinterest and Instagram, because no one knows how to tell stories with good pictures like she does.