SeaTable integrations with Zapier

Connect SeaTable to over 2,000 of your favourite apps and websites

SeaTable is a great tool that can help you capture, structure and work with data in many ways. So we are not surprised to hear again and again about people using SeaTable in new and interesting ways to organise themselves, their lives and their work. An artist from India told us that he manages all his work including press relations, client list, commissioned work and a chronological overview of his works with SeaTable and has thus gained flexibility and freedom for his work. Or a café owner from Berlin uses SeaTable to be able to record the addresses of her customers for Corona follow-up.

We love to be surprised with such reports and experiences and are therefore pleased to release the new SeaTable integrations today, which offer our users countless possibilities to work even more creatively or productively. Our users can now connect SeaTable with over 2,000 different services and apps, including popular services like Slack, Twitter, all Google Apps, Mailchimp, GitHub and many more.

This is made possible by the automation service Zapier, which makes it possible to exchange data or information between the different services on an event-based basis. Zapier is very easy to use and does not require any programming knowledge. You define the desired process by specifying a trigger and a follow-up action. In many cases, this can save time or increase productivity. Due to the large number of supported apps, the possibilities are not only proverbially endless. Receive an email notification when a certain event occurs, automatically transfer a new entry to another system or automatically archive new information in SeaTable.

Zapier integrations recommended by us

Here are a few highlights of how you can integrate SeaTable with other apps:

The possibilities of Zapier are truly endless and offer great potential to make your life easier. Write to us and tell us about your integrations or tell us what integration you need.

Christoph Dyllick-Brenzinger
Christoph is the founder and technical managing director of SeaTable GmbH. He is responsible for all internal IT at SeaTable and loves new and exciting challenges. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, exploring foreign cities with his family or playing the occasional computer game.