SeaTable Security Policy

Version 1.0.0 from September 21, 2021

This is an non-binding, convenience translation. The German original is legally binding.

From confidential business proposals to personal home projects, our users trust us to keep their data secure, private and always available. We take this responsibility seriously.

SeaTable’s security system aims to:

  • any unauthorized access is prevented
  • the systems are continuously monitored for potential vulnerabilities
  • we continuously and proactively improve our systems
  • we are always informed about the latest security tools and threats

Data Protection

Data Transfer

All user data, including project names, task names, comments, uploaded files, account information, and payment information, is sent in accordance with industry best practices regarding data traffic: Specifically, we use secure TLS channels and support both 128-bit and 256-bit configurations, depending on the browser.

Data Storage

All user data is stored on the two German data centers of the Swiss provider Exoscale. The data centers are located in Frankfurt and Munich. Firewalls protect your data from unauthorized remote access.
The data centers are certified annually and met the highest standards for physical and virtual security. For more information about Exoscale’s cloud security, visit

Data Reliability

All user data is stored in the form of multiple redundant copies. Regular backups are made and transferred to another data center.
In addition, SeaTable creates regular snapshots of your changes within the software. You as a user can also manually create such a snapshot of your bases at any time. These snapshots can be used to restore data for any project or task.

Report a Vulnerability

If you discover a vulnerability in SeaTable, please email us at We will do our best to fix the vulnerability immediately.

Data Privacy

We take great care to be transparent about how we collect, use and treat your information when you use our website and software. Please read our full privacy policy for more details.