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Nicolas is a working student at SeaTable in the area of text, content and editing. Writing and editing texts of all kinds has been one of his favorite pastimes since his school days. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and dealing with journalistic media, primarily from the sports sector.

Entries by Nicolas Schambach

Christmas party 2023 - ideas for a unique corporate event

Soon it will be that time again! While one or the other is still mourning the past summer, the first gingerbread and cookies on the supermarket shelves already remind us of the coming Christmas season. To ensure that your 2023 Christmas party is a complete success, you can't start planning soon enough! In this article, you will get valuable tips and many varied ideas for your next company Christmas party.

Remote Sales Teams: Best Practices for Effective Work

Circumstances in 2020 have significantly changed the way work is done in organizations. According to a recent Gallup poll, 9 out of 10 remote workers want to maintain this way of working to some extent. However, for sales reps who are not used to remote selling, this can prove challenging, as it differs significantly from the [...]

How to find new employees faster and easier

Many HR departments lack a suitable tool to efficiently manage their job interviews. The interview needs to be fully documented, all the applicant's documents such as the CV or cover letter attached and made available to all parties involved in the process. Read in this article how SeaTable can help you with this challenge.