Spreadsheet meets database

SeaTable is a new application that combines spreadsheet with database. It allows you to manage many kinds of information as easily as a spreadsheet, while being as powerful as a dedicated information management application. With APIs and SDKs, you may quickly adapt SeaTable to your use cases, automate data processing and business processes.

Rich data types

Save any kind of data into a table: text, numbers, dates, pictures, files, collaborators, labels and more.

Multiple views

Filter, sort and group your data in as many ways as you want. Intuitive views help you get insights from your data.


Collect data from friends and colleagues easily. Save and analyze collected data with the power of SeaTable.

Statistics and visualization

Make bueatiful and professional graphs to visualize your data, with just a few clicks.

Mobile ready

Access your data from your mobile devices. SeaTable has the same powerful features on mobile phones and tablets.


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