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Get rid of Klarna debts - how to get your finances under control

Klarna debts are currently a hot topic on social media and yet are often underestimated. Perhaps your Klarna bills are piling up and you, like many others, are facing a mountain of debt. But don't worry, with a little discipline you can get out of debt. In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at the phenomenon of Klarna debt and provide you with practical tips and strategies on how you can get out of your financial difficulties.
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Fundraising: How to collect and manage donations

Fundraising is more than just a financing strategy: it is a way to achieve goals together. From supporting non-profit organizations and political campaigns to financing entrepreneurial innovations, it permeates almost all areas of social life. In this article, we look at different methods you can use to get people excited about your ideas and encourage donations.
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Create a cost-benefit analysis - with this template you'll succeed!

In everyday business life, it is not always easy to make the right decisions. You have to consider many aspects and factors and often have to assess the effect of certain measures without any experience. How successful your company is depends on one thing in particular: the basis on which your decisions are made. It's good that you can put your decisions on a solid footing with a cost-benefit analysis.
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Reimbursement of expenses - what employers and employees should consider

Whether it's a business meal, train ticket or company cell phone - do you regularly make advance payments at work and want to know what you need to bear in mind when reimbursing expenses? Or are you an employer yourself and looking for a way to make the process of reimbursing expenses more efficient? Then you will find everything you need to know and a free template for reimbursing expenses in your company in this article.