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DTABLE file format

SeaTable exports bases to DTABLE files as export format. DTABLE files can be used for data backup as well as for migration from one SeaTable system to another.

DTABLE files are container files. A DTABLE file contains a top-level JSON file and an asset folder. The former contains all tables, their layouts, and the values of all columns except the image and file columns. The contents of these two types of columns, that is, data in file form, are located in the asset folder and are linked from the JSON file. The plug-ins of a base are also stored in the asset folder or a subfolder with the same name.

With compression programs (e.g. the open source 7-Zip) you can "look inside" DTABLE files. This way, you also have access to the files stored in the asset folder's three subfolders - Images, Files and Plug-ins.

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