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All SeaTable editions at a glance

SeaTable comes in three different editions, which have a big impact on the effort required to run it, the price and the possibilities. This article gives you a complete overview of which editions are available, what advantages and disadvantages they offer and how to make the right decision.

SeaTable comes in three editions: Cloud, Dedicated and On-Premises

The current trend is clearly towards more cloud solutions. This is convenient for the user, relieves the burden on the IT department and is also usually easy to calculate in terms of costs. Cloud solutions also offer many advantages for the provider: only one central system needs to be maintained, this version is always up to date, IT resources are optimally utilised etc.

At SeaTable we believe that people, businesses and your requirements are different and therefore it makes no sense to squeeze them all into the same product.

At the same time, you can see a countermovement, especially in Europe, because a cloud solution always means a loss of control. With a cloud solution, you give the data to a service provider and pay for the provision of a service and the processing of the data.

With a self-hosted solution, you only license the software and can then determine where you want to install it. With this on-premises approach, you retain full control, but you have to take care of the installation, operation, maintenance and updates yourself.

A dedicated system is the middle ground: the customer receives his personal system, which he does not manage himself, but which is maintained by the software developer. The developer updates the system and ensures that it functions reliably. A dedicated SeaTable is similar to a cloud product in terms of administration, but more like an on-premises system in terms of use.

The three central questions

Put simply, the three SeaTable editions are about the following questions:

  • Can I take over the administration of the SeaTable server myself or do I want to?
  • How important is it for me to have complete control over my data?
  • How important are individual customisations such as a custom logo, custom colours and custom templates to me?

The following table shows an overview of the different aspects of the three editions:

VersionsFree, Plus, EnterpriseEnterpriseEnterprise
Usable free of charge (SeaTable Free)
Any server location
automatic updates
own administration
Access Linux command line
Own authentication
own logo
own URL
own templates
own user roles
optional corporate support
RequirementsE-mail addressmin. 100 usersLinux server or VM

So how do you choose the right SeaTable Edition?

People usually know immediately which edition you would prefer. With the help of the table shown above, it should not be difficult for you to determine at least one priority. If this choice also matches the framework conditions, requirements and price expectations, you don't need to think any further.

If you are not yet 100% sure which edition is right for you, try the SeaTable Cloud first. This is available immediately, offers all functions and costs little. At the same time, you can transfer your data from the cloud to a dedicated or self-hosted SeaTable server at any time.

Christoph Dyllick-Brenzinger
Christoph is the founder and technical managing director of SeaTable GmbH. He is responsible for all internal IT at SeaTable and loves new and exciting challenges. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, exploring foreign cities with his family or playing the occasional computer game.

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