Developer or Enterprise Edition

SeaTable Server Enterprise and Developer Edition in comparison

SeaTable Server is SeaTable for your own server. By installing SeaTable in your own infrastructure, you have full control over where your data is and who accesses it. SeaTable is also recommended for use cases where you do not want to take your data off-site. You can also operate SeaTable Server exclusively in the local network without access via the Internet.

SeaTable Server is available in two different editions:

  • The SeaTable Server Enterprise Edition is the perfect no-code solution for teams and organisations of all sizes that want full functionality and data control. Only the Enterprise Edition offers the possibility to use external authentication via LDAP or SAML. The extended release permissions and automations are also only available in this edition.
    You can get a SeaTable Enterprise licence for up to three users at any time. You will find the corresponding registration form under this link. The installation is carried out according to the administration manual using Docker.
  • The SeaTable Server Developer Edition is primarily aimed at developers who want to use SeaTable as a flexible database and who may not use the frontend at all. Here, the Developer Edition scores with the powerful SeaTable API, the apps for the various automation platforms and the full support of all column types. The Developer Edition can be used free of charge. You can find the installation instructions here.

Differences in the comparison

Developer EditionEnterprise Edition
Platform and environment
Server operating systemLinuxLinux
Installation methodDockerDocker
Docker ImagesDocker HubDocker Hub
Licence typehybrid (open source and proprietary)proprietary
Licence price modelfree of chargeUser-based
Unlimited bases
Unlimited tables
Unlimited rows (but no archive backend)
Unlimited memory
Unlimited users (licence required)
Versioning (snapshots)
Data acquisition and processing
24 column types
Private views
Conditional formatting
Web forms
Common datasets
Data processing
Import from CSV and XLSX
Export to CSV and XLSX
Archive function
JavaScript support
Python support (separate installation required) (separate installation required)
Real-time collaboration
External links
Invitation links
Base sharing
View sharing
Custom sharing permissions
Table permissions
Column permissions
Row locking
Plugins and extensions
Page design
Advanced statistics
SQL query
ONLYOFFICE integration (separate installation required)

Developer EditionEnterprise Edition
API and integration options
Branding and customising
Custom templates
Custom URL
Custom logo
Logo in web form
Cover picture in web form
Hide "Powered by"
User administration and permission management
Local user database
2-factor authentication
Authentication via AD/LDAP
Single sign-on via SAML
User roles
Backend and scalability
S3 support
Cluster support

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