Collect and evaluate customer feedback with SeaTable

What inspires your customers and what are you not satisfied with? Are you looking for the lowest price or is an exciting shopping experience more important to you? Customer feedback not only gives you insights into the characteristics of your target group, it also gives you a completely new view of your own product. Once the feedback has been collected, it must be evaluated correctly.

Customer feedback can be obtained in a variety of ways. If you want to conduct a traditional online survey, our SeaTable template is a simple and efficient tool that will take your customer support to the next level. Using a web form, your customers can provide direct feedback. The responses are immediately saved in their spreadsheet and are available for your team to evaluate. With the help of statistics, particularly positive aspects, but also weaknesses can be identified immediately. The key advantage of SeaTable is that both data collection and analysis are done in the same tool. There is no need for complicated data preparation.

Let's take a closer look at the customer feedback template:

Structure of our customer feedback template

In this template the customer feedback of a fitness app was collected and evaluated. Important information about the customer, such as name, e-mail address, date of the feedback and the completed feedback file are placed in the first four columns. The feedback file is centrally stored here for each user of the table and can therefore be called up immediately. This saves you the tiresome process of searching for documents from folders on your PC.

The next columns are the basis of your web form, let's have a look at how to create such a form.

Creating the feedback questionnaire using the web form

The basis of the web form are your table columns. Enter all questions that you want to appear in the questionnaire for your customers in the table columns. Take the column "FitnessApp Experience" as an example. You want to ask how the general satisfaction with your app is for the customer. You have created a "FitnessApp Experience" column with a simple selection from "Very satisfied" to "Very dissatisfied". Now you create the form:

  1. Click on web form in the top right corner
  2. Click on Create Web Form
  3. Give the form a name, this is also visible for your customers
  4. The form with all the columns you created now appears
  5. You can now prepare the individual questions for the customer
  6. Provide the customer with assistance in answering the questions
  7. Select the "Required" button to make the field a "mandatory field
  8. Select how the answer options should be displayed, in the example here they are clearly shown in a list
  9. You can easily hide fields that are irrelevant for your customers, i.e. fields that are only used by your employees, on the right side
  10. Ready? Then click on Share above. You will receive a link and a QR code that you can use on your website, in customer mails or even in print media


Customer feedback creation web form

Statistics to evaluate the received customer feedback

All answers of your customers appear immediately in your table and are visible to all responsible employees. The SeaTable Statistics feature is a useful tool for getting an overview of your responses and evaluating them in general. Click Statistics in the upper right corner to view our statistics created for this template. Here we have created two tables that clearly show which features have been named "Favorite" and "Least Favorite" features by how many customers. Additionally, a pie chart shows the general satisfaction with the app. With a click on Create Statistics, you can add more statistics.

Different views on the evaluation of the received customer feedback

SeaTable allows you to create a view tailored to your needs by using different views, which immediately provides you with the desired information in focus. You can easily change the view in the top left-hand drop-down menu. Here you can also create new views yourself.

The "Ratings" view shows you your customer feedback, sorted by the general satisfaction of your customers. For this purpose, the view was simply grouped by the column "FitnessApp Experience". With the contact information you receive, you can, for example, contact very dissatisfied customers directly to conduct in-depth surveys and further optimize your product with the insights gained.

Customer feedback made easy - with SeaTable

Save yourself the time-consuming data entry or the transfer of your customer feedback into a separate evaluation tool. With SeaTable, you have one tool for everything and take your customer support to the next level. All your customer feedback in one place. Available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.