A student planner with SeaTable gives everyday life a new structure

Student planner for an organised semester

The 2020 winter semester is just around the corner and you want to really get started this time? SeaTable offers you the perfect solution. You can now keep track of all your exams, submissions and other to-dos. always in view. Your individual student planner is customised to your needs in no time at all. Let's take a closer look at the ready-made SeaTable template in more detail:

Structure of the Student Planner

Our student planner has a very simple structure. It consists of three different tables. The calendar view and the different views fulfil the full potential of your semester planner, so you are guaranteed to master your upcoming semester:



Assignments" table

In the table "Assignments" you can enter all your exams, submissions and other performances. The type of assignment can be selected directly in the second column of the table. Then add the corresponding course for which the assignment must be completed and enter the due date. If you format the column "Done" as a checkbox column, you can immediately tick off completed tasks. SeaTable also offers the possibility to upload files into the tables. This way you have everything you need in one place and can also share your results and work with your fellow students.

Table "Class

In the table "Class" you can enter all your courses that you are taking in the respective semester. Here you can also add the contact information of the respective professor and save yourself the trouble of googling in case you need to contact them. The column "Assignments" in this table is linked to the first table, so you can immediately see which exams have to be taken in which subject.

Books to buy" table

In the table "Books to buy", you can make a note of the literature you need. Textbooks are expensive, so in the "Notes" or "URL" column you can save links to used books or, if applicable, the free online versions of the book. Of course, you can also add other required materials to this table. Simply change the name of the table or create an additional column with different categories of the required materials (e.g. books, subscriptions, writing materials, etc.), which you can then simply group according to the Category column.

Did you know that there are now many platforms for second-hand textbooks? Take a look at Rebuy or Studibuch, maybe you'll find your textbook there at a good price.

Use the calendar view

To use the full power of your student planner, you can use the calendar view. To do this, simply add the calendar plugin and you will then see all your deadlines clearly arranged in your personal calendar.

Student planner

Different views

SeaTable gives you a targeted view of the information you need through different views. You can add as many views as you like in your student planner to always see exactly what is relevant. Change the view at the top left from "Main view" to "To-do" to see which tasks still need to be completed. To do this, we simply filtered this view by the "Done" column without ticks. We have created another view for you. In the "Class View" all your to-dos are grouped by course. So you can quickly see in which subject you still have to do your work.

Ready for the new semester

With your new semester planner, nothing stands in the way of a successful semester. You can design your student planner individually at SeaTable and adapt it to your needs. Register now for free and get a productive start to the 2020 winter semester!


Ricarda Bucher
Ricarda is a working student at SeaTable in the marketing department. Her hobbyhorse is visual communication on Pinterest and Instagram, because no one knows how to tell stories with good pictures like she does.

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