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SeaTable is the ideal software for every marketing team

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As simple as Excel, with the power of a database

SeaTable can handle all the information from you and your team: Images, documents, emails, checkboxes, drop-down lists, shortcuts and much more. You edit all information conveniently via web browser.

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Develop efficient business processes in the shortest possible time

SeaTable is your software construction kit: Like Lego bricks, the individual parts can be individually assembled into ever new systems. In this way, SeaTable helps your team to implement processes and ideas in the shortest possible time.

Like Lego, SeaTable is a construction kit for developing business processes.

The possibilities are almost endless

SeaTable is not just for a specific industry or problem. SeaTable adapts to your needs and minimises the time from idea to new process.

Whatever your workflow looks like, you can realize it with SeaTable

Create individual business apps with the SeaTable App Builder

Enable teams to work smarter and more intuitively by creating and integrating powerful applications without coding.

SeaTable Apps: Easy to create. Intuitive to use.

Templates to start your next team project

Import ready-made templates into your SeaTable account with just one click.

A solution you can trust for the long term

The SeaTable Cloud is hosted in certified German data centres of a Swiss provider. Registration only takes a few seconds.

With your own server, you decide where SeaTable stores your data. You have full data sovereignty.

Seatable you can trust

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