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SeaTable 5.0: No-code app builder, new plugins and improved accessibility

The time has come: Our app builder is officially launched! With this version of our no-code database with integrated no-code app builder, anyone, whether programmer or citizen developer, can now easily create their own apps! With SeaTable 5.0, we are ready to take a leading position in digital transformation and innovation on the international market. But that's not the only big news - you can look forward to three new plugins for complex visualizations, improved accessibility and column-accurate Excel import.

How to keep track of all tasks with a to-do list

Creating and managing an online to-do list with an app has many advantages. This is because a to-do list helps you to manage your tasks efficiently in both your private and professional life and not forget anything in stressful everyday life. Read this article to find out why you should use a template for your to-do list and which app is best for this.

How to organize stress-free workshops, training courses and further education

Whether workshop, training or further education: As an employer, it is essential that you support your employees and offer them opportunities for further development. For many employees today, this is part of an attractive job and your company benefits in many ways from well-trained employees. Would you like to plan a workshop or even manage the entire personnel development process? This article provides you with useful information and a suitable template for organizing workshops and further training.

How you can cleverly manage your fleet with a free template

Whether trucks, buses or classic company cars - managing a fleet of vehicles is a varied and responsible task for companies and the self-employed. With a template for your fleet management, you can plan the use of your vehicles precisely. Below we explain how you can manage bookings, returns, repairs and inspection appointments conveniently and easily.

SeaTable 4.2: New functions in the Universal App Builder and much more

In this version, the further development of the Universal App Builder enters the next round: New features include version management, duplicate checking on the table and form page and the options to duplicate pages and temporarily suspend apps. However, SeaTable 4.2 is not just an app builder release. Formula fans can look forward to the new iserror() function and automation users will appreciate the more versatile use of the "Edit entry" action. Find out what else has changed in the article.

Digital estate: How you can manage your access data

Today, each of us has dozens of online accounts. We communicate via e-mail, messenger and social media, store important files and photos in the cloud, do online banking and leave countless traces on the Internet. But what actually happens to all this data and accounts when you die one day? The following article clarifies the most frequently asked questions about the digital estate.