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Marketing solutions

Solutions for Marketing Teams

Manage all phases of your projects, plan your work, coordinate it in the team and with the client and monitor and measure the implementation. All in one tool, namely SeaTable.

Solutions for projects and operation

Connect initiatives across your organisation and optimise your team's key workflows to achieve your goals.

Solutions Project Management
App for escaped animals

App for escaped animals

For your app, you need a database to store both the animals, their finders and the respective locations.

With SeaTable you can create these database structures in less than 10 minutes.

Via SeaTable web form found animals can be reported and the finds thus automatically entered into the database.

Global communication of a design label

A design label needs a way to manage communication between designers and overseas production facilities.

Order quantities, material consumption and production orders must be recorded. At the same time, deliveries must be monitored and tracked.

Only SeaTable offers you the possibility to create exactly such data structures and the processes that suit you.

Complete documentation of feed and medication administration

You would like to record in your software which biological feed additive you have fed your animals, but your software cannot be adapted?

With SeaTable you can capture any information and form it into processes, because SeaTable does not dictate what you should and should not capture.

Try it out. In a few minutes you will have created your personal data structures to document everything you want.