All functions of the SeaTable Cloud on your own server

Installing SeaTable On-Premises on your own servers is the perfect solution for companies that want to have full control over their data. With only one instance - your own infrastructure - you retain full sovereignty over your data and can fully align the system to your needs.

With great power comes great responsibility

SeaTable is one of the few cloud solutions that you can also get as an on-premises solution.

You license a SeaTable Enterprise Server and can install and run the server software wherever you want.

Use all the features of SeaTable and still remain independent: You decide how much support you want from us.

To the admin manual (English)

SeaTable is your anchor.

Enterprise On-Premises License

You will need a license file to install your SeaTable Server. In our admin manual you can find out how to obtain a free license for up to three users.
If you need more users, you can of course also get a larger license from us. Please contact us.

Seatable you can trust

The advantages of having your own SeaTable server

With your SeaTable Enterprise system, you can use a custom URL, custom templates, custom colour codes, and roles and permissions.

At the same time, SeaTable supports all common authentication techniques such as SAML, OAuth, Shibboleth, Active Directory and LDAP. It enables two-factor authentication and single sign-on and supports cluster-enabled backends such as Ceph and S3.

In your system, you determine which API limits should apply or whether any should apply at all.

The SeaTable editions in comparison

EditionsFree, Plus, EnterpriseEnterpriseEnterprise
Usable free of charge (SeaTable Free) (for up to 3 users)
Any server location
automatic updates
own administration
Access Linux command line
Own authentication
custom logo
custom URL
custom templates
own user roles
optional corporate support
RequirementsE-mail addressmin. 100 usersLinux Server or VM

Fair pricing model

With SeaTable there are no hidden costs. You get a license from us for the number of users you want - and all functions of SeaTable are already available to you.

The price of SeaTable Enterprise license includes our Enterprise Support.

License sizeAnnual license price
3 usersfree of charge
10 users500 € total
25 users1.250 € total
50 users4,500 € total
50+ users90 € per user
Profit from the Cloud
SeaTable offers discounted prices for the public sector

Our offer for research and education

For schools, universities, associations, public institutions and non-profit organizations we offer discounted conditions. Contact us - and soon you too can organize your ideas, projects and challenges with SeaTable.

Install SeaTable wherever you want

SeaTable is delivered as a Docker image and therefore runs on practically every Linux operating system. This makes installation and updates child's play.

For aspiring SeaTable administrators, we offer a variety of resources to make installation and administration as easy as possible.

Download at Docker-Hub
To the installation instructions (English)

Support and services

You have control over your server. Nevertheless, you can use our help whenever you want.


We take care of the one-off installation for you.

Maintenance and support

We can also support you during ongoing operations.

Consulting, training and workshops

Benefit from our vast experience in the use of SeaTable.

Individual development

We can also help you with the development of plugins, scripts or templates.

Corporate Support

If you wish, we can offer you better response times and support.

SeaTable On-Premises