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What we do

We are changing the way people will use spreadsheets in the future. Because regardless of the industry you work in or the task you want to do, information always has to be processed. Instead of using a separate software for each type of information, all private or professional information converges in SeaTable and thus allows a completely new way of working. With SeaTable you can organise, analyse, produce, plan and design. At the same time, with SeaTable you always have all information in view at any time and can thus achieve optimal work results.

For us, SeaTable means more efficient and self-determined work. That's what we work for every day. SeaTable - beyond Spreadsheet.

SeaTable is the ideal software for every marketing team

What drives us

Our goal is to become the European market leader in the area of "Next-Generation Spreadsheet Solutions".

With our cloud solution, we want to offer teams and companies the possibility to organise their data and information more efficiently in a few minutes and without technical knowledge.

At the same time, we also offer SeaTable as a self-hosted variant to provide a way out of dependence on (mainly) American service providers. For companies that want to keep their information completely under control, we offer advice as a full-service provider. We offer installation, configuration, maintenance, training and operation for companies of all sizes.

The founding brothers of SeaTable

Dr Ralf Dyllick-Brenzinger

Dr Ralf Dyllick-Brenzinger, founder and CEO of SeaTable, is a former management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group. His consulting focus was in finance, which led him to projects in the Arab Emirates. In 2014, he founded datamate with his brother Christoph to distribute both open source server systems and the private cloud solution Seafile.

He studied business administration at the University of St. Gallen and received his doctorate from the University of Lausanne for his thesis on "Energy Strategy in the Middle East".

Christoph Dyllick-Brenzinger

Christoph Dyllick-Brenzinger

Christoph Dyllick-Brenzinger is one of the founders and Chief Product Officer of SeaTable. After several years as a management consultant in the SAP environment for major European corporations, he founded the joint company datamate with his brother in 2014.

He studied economics at the University of Mannheim and has been an enthusiastic software developer since his early youth. In 2000, at just 17 years of age (and as the youngest participant in the field), he won the title of European Team Champion of Bicycle Couriers.

The Chinese partners

Jonathan Xu

Jonathan Xu is the chairman of the supervisory board of SeaTable GmbH. Back in 2012, he founded Seafile Ltd. together with Daniel Pan to develop the private cloud solution Seafile. Since then, Seafile has become one of the leading private cloud solutions in the world.

Daniel Pan

Daniel Pan is Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SeaTable GmbH. He is the creative mind and lead developer of the private cloud solution Seafile, which has been developed by his company Seafile Ltd. since 2012. Seafile is used worldwide by some of the world's best-known universities and research institutions.

SeaTable has its headquarters in Mainz and further offices in Berlin and Beijing

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