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Literature management in library with tablet.

Comparison of reference management programs: tips for academic work

A reference management program makes it easier for you to work on larger scientific projects. You prevent errors in reference lists, have your sources at a glance and can organize them by topic. If you have to comply with citation requirements, the reference software will help you to implement them. Read on for tips on how to work successfully with a reference management program and find the solution that suits you best.
Drawing with a template for a work breakdown structure

Create a roadmap: How to clearly visualize your next project

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A roadmap paves the way to success! Winning customers, developing strategies, documenting progress - roadmap templates can be used in a variety of ways for your projects. To maximize the benefits, it is important that you create a roadmap that matches your goals. A template saves you valuable time and increases efficiency enormously. In this article, you can find out which roadmap suits your project and what you should bear in mind when creating a roadmap.
You can add value to your cover letter by paying attention to the dos and don'ts.

Cover letter: How to convince every recruiter

Whether it's an internship, apprenticeship or permanent position - the first step on the way to your dream job is always a successful application. Have you found lots of interesting job vacancies, but writing applications is giving you a headache? Don't worry, you're not alone. For many people, the letter of application is a major obstacle, as it requires an honest self-assessment and involves a lot of time-consuming formulation of your own skills. Below you can find out what you should pay attention to.
Online shopping: Small shopping cart next to a laptop

Get rid of Klarna debts - how to get your finances under control

Klarna debts are currently a hot topic on social media and yet are often underestimated. Perhaps your Klarna bills are piling up and you, like many others, are facing a mountain of debt. But don't worry, with a little discipline you can get out of debt. In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at the phenomenon of Klarna debt and provide you with practical tips and strategies on how you can get out of your financial difficulties.
The word fundraising is written in a booklet with stick figures

Fundraising: How to collect and manage donations

Fundraising is more than just a financing strategy: it is a way to achieve goals together. From supporting non-profit organizations and political campaigns to financing entrepreneurial innovations, it permeates almost all areas of social life. In this article, we look at different methods you can use to get people excited about your ideas and encourage donations.
Drawing with a template for a work breakdown structure

Tips & templates for creating an effective work breakdown structure

To break down an initially abstract project into plannable elements, you can use a work breakdown structure to divide the process into subtasks and work packages. Find out what advantages this brings and use our tips to create an effective template for your work breakdown structure. Successfully structure your project and find the right tool for your company!

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