Bug Tracker Software SeaTable

How to improve your software with a bug tracker

Make it easy for everyone involved to check the status of open errors or bugs at any time. With a bug tracker, you facilitate error tracking and troubleshooting during software development.

Indirect procurement with SeaTable

Purchasing indirect material: simple and cost-saving

It is present in every company in some way: indirect purchasing. It includes procurement and ordering, office organisation and the complete management of all goods and merchandise that are not resold but remain in the company and are needed for internal processes. Typical examples of indirect material are, for example: work equipment such as ballpoint pens, [...]

SeaTable 2.5

SeaTable 2.5: Optimizing archive, data processing, and automations

SeaTable 2.5 is here! The new Docker image was already made available on Docker Hub at the end of last week and then this morning SeaTable Cloud was upgraded to the latest version. The new release makes many of SeaTable's features even better! The archive function with its growing range of functions is recommended for a growing number of use cases, the available [...]