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Marketer creates a template for a professional marketing plan.

Digital template for a professional marketing plan

Promoting brand awareness, communicating important information and leading projects to success - these are three of the most important goals for a marketing plan. It is the basis for all successful marketing activities. Those who use digital tools to create a marketing plan template have a particular advantage. In this article, you will learn what a marketing plan is, when you need one for your business and how to create a marketing plan as a digital template.
Software development team is looking at a tool for bug and issue trackers.

Bug and issue tracker: Smart and simple solutions incl. free template

In software development, monitoring and managing bugs and issues can quickly become confusing. Appropriate tools, so-called bug and issue trackers, help you to fix bugs quickly and efficiently. Read in this article which programmes can support you in bug management and what the differences are.
4 templates for the real estate sector

4 useful SeaTable templates around real estate

We take care of your workflows, whether you want to manage your properties clearly, are looking for the next flat or are already planning the next move. SeaTable offers everything you need with its four new templates in the area of real estate.
Warehouse worker makes inventory list with template from Excel.

Templates for inventory lists - how to keep an overview!

Create your inventory list with a template, standardise the process and simplify your inventory. Learn how to import an existing template into Excel or generate your own. Also learn about the advantages of digital tools over Excel.
With Weglot to multilanguage SEO

Weglot on our experience with the translation plugin for WordPress

Weglot is a Wordpress plugin for automatically translating your own website, which we also use on The idea is simple and quickly explained. You write all texts in your native language as usual and let Weglot translate all content into one or more other languages. The website visitor is automatically redirected to the language version that suits him and Weglot does all the necessary work for international SEO. This article is a field report after two years of Weglot.
You can see a drawing with a template for a work breakdown structure.

Tips & templates for creating an effective work breakdown structure

Learn what the WBS is suitable for and use these tips to create an effective template for your work breakdown structure. Structure and organise your project successfully. Find the right tool for your company. Let's start with the definition of the work breakdown structure.
Staff member sits in front of 2 monitors testing a new holiday planner.

Holiday planner: How to plan your holiday smartly

For companies, it is important to keep track of employees' planned holidays. But as an employee, you also want to be able to plan your holidays sensibly. Various holiday planners help you find the right workflow for you. Find out here what Excel and five other tools offer.