SeaTable 3.3

SeaTable 3.3: Improved form editor and HTML email support

SeaTable fans will receive their Christmas present today: version 3.3 of SeaTable with its numerous improvements and new features. The completely revised form editor in block design offers new freedoms and additional functions for the design and use of web forms. In addition to text e-mails, SeaTable now also sends formatted HTML e-mails. The extended editor for formatted text makes this a [...]

SeaTable Release 3.2

SeaTable 3.2: Interactive formula wizard and improved column types

Welcome SeaTable 3.2! In the new release SeaTable's column types are in the spotlight: The formula column wizard is now interactive and offers significantly improved error correction. Buttons in the column type of the same name now allow to perform multiple actions with one click. New functions in the file column simplify the management of files and the selection columns also offer a [...]

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Employee created template for a roadmap.

This should include a template for creating a roadmap

Winning customers, creating strategies, documenting successes - a roadmap is suitable for many different purposes. For the best possible benefit, it is important to find the right roadmap for the respective requirements - a template saves you valuable time and maximizes the benefits of use. In this article, you will learn which roadmap suits you best, how to use it optimally, and what you should consider when creating a roadmap using a template.
Employee updates the well-maintained Mir employee directory.

Five reasons why a well-maintained employee directory makes your day-to-day work easier

Who is the expert for which department? What is the colleague's e-mail address again? And who fits best into the team of the new marketing project? The search for answers to these or similar questions can quickly become a time-consuming challenge. Unless your company has a well-maintained employee directory. In this article, you'll learn why this is a must for any company that wants to have the best possible overview of its employees, what types of employee directories there are, and how you can easily create a clear employee list.
Employee prepares template for cost-benefit analysis.

A template for cost-benefit analysis - How to do it!

In everyday business life, decisions have to be made every day. How successful a company is in doing so depends on one very fundamental thing: the basis on which these very decisions are made. It is very promising to rely on a cost-benefit analysis. Using a template, this is not only quickly created, but it is also perfectly suited to significantly improve the profitability of an entire company.
Marketing team talks about campaign planning.

Planning marketing campaigns: 6 practical tips for easy planning

If you want to really push your company forward and clearly stand out from the competition, you need one thing above all: extremely good marketing. How good this actually is depends on the respective marketing campaign and its planning. And this raises several questions: What is a marketing campaign anyway? When is it good and when is it not? And how can the implementation and planning of the marketing campaign be optimally combined?
Stack of books to be cataloged in a book app.

Bookworms take note: 3 tips for cataloging and organizing your books

Do you love to read and can't get enough of books? That's wonderful, because it's hard to get more immersed in foreign worlds than with a book. But do you know right away exactly how many and which books you own? And where which book is at the moment? If not, there is the perfect solution, because with the right apps you can catalog your books - easily, quickly and without much effort.
Sales employee conducts a customer meeting as part of quotation management.

Sales: These are the mistakes you avoid with good offer management

One thing is crucial for successful sales work: offer management. But what is important here? What mistakes should not be made under any circumstances? And what is behind the term "offer management" anyway? Find out the answers to these questions and why useful software and online tools can help you decisively with your offer management in this article.
Team tests for staff planning alternative to free Excel template.

Personnel planning without free Excel templates? Here's how!

Personnel planning? I use an Excel template. Free of charge is best. Just download it from the Internet and you're done. This is how many HR departments still see it - which is anything but sensible for optimal planning of personnel, shifts and vacations. Because even though personnel planning with Excel is widespread, it is also extremely cumbersome and error-prone. But how does HR planning succeed without an Excel template, which is also free of charge? The good news is: there are a lot of online tools that are perfect for workforce planning even without an Excel template. Free of charge, uncomplicated and intuitive to use. In the following text, you'll learn all about the advantages that await you.
Presentation of an online database that can be used free of charge.

The top 9 free online databases

A database serves as a basis for collecting, processing and displaying data. They summarise information with common characteristics and facilitate management. You do not always need programming skills to create and work with a database. Some online databases have the advantage of being both free and easy to use. In this article we have compared the nine best free online databases.
Manage collection of all stamps via a digital tool.

How to manage collections and keep an overview

Collections can be ideally managed via digital tools and programmes. It doesn't matter whether the collection is physical or digital. The most popular collection items include coins, stamps, films, art, trading cards, Non Fungible Tokens (NFT), books and more. The challenge is often keeping track of everything. This is where management programmes come into play.
Template for social media planning.

Simple social media plan template for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and Twitter.

In order to achieve marketing goals in social networks, companies must continuously publish new content. And often several times a day for different channels. It is important to post sensibly and on time. A social media plan template helps you to implement this. Read in this article how you can get off to a successful start with such an editorial plan.