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The database for all your processes and workflows

Every process requires data to be stored. SeaTable is the perfect solution to serve as a database for other applications. Automation platforms make linking individual applications a breeze.

SeaTable currently supports three automation platforms

Connect SeaTable with all your favorite apps. The following platforms allow you to,
exchange data between SeaTable and other software solutions in an automated way.

Zapier Logo

The American top dog

Zapier is the leading automation platform from the USA. It links over 4,000 apps and automatically moves information between your web apps.

Make Logo (formerly Integromat)

The alternative from Europe

With make (formerly Integromat), you can connect applications and automate workflows with just a few clicks. Effortlessly move data between all your applications.

n8n logo

Open Source and Self-Hosted

n8n is an open source software for process automation. n8n runs on any Linux server, requires only npm and already supports over 200 applications.

Thousands of integrations are available

Here you will find selected examples that will make your life easier.




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Can't find the integration you want?

Simply create your own integration! Take a look at our API documentation.