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The solution for superior marketing

With SeaTable you simplify your processes, reduce workload and define transparent goals and plans. This gives you more time for what really counts: Your creative work.

The solution for superior marketing

Plan your marketing strategies

With SeaTable, your entire team knows the common goals and expectations. Your team will work more efficiently and creatively because they have the time to focus on the creative challenges instead of deadlines or coordination.

Plan marketing
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Turn strategies into plans

Marketing campaigns require planning, organization, creativity and teamwork. SeaTable helps you bring all the data together, keep an eye on the control of time and content, and present everything clearly.

Automate repetitive work

Avoid unplanned and time-consuming tasks. With SeaTable, you automate recurring activities across all phases and milestones of the creation process, freeing up more time for your creative work.

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You are in good company

Around the world, companies and teams of all sizes rely on SeaTable

Solutions for your most important workflows

Develop optimal workflows, create a central system with all information and work more effectively as a team. The result: you will deliver better campaigns, product launches and events. SeaTable supports you from the first brainstorming session to the completed project.

Link data and systems

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SeaTable can handle any type of information. From texts to images to dates, SeaTable lets you merge and clearly display all data. Integrate your other applications with SeaTable and manage all your tools, information and processes in one place.

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Frequently asked questions

Marketing teams around the world use SeaTable to make their processes and workflows more efficient. Because SeaTable is flexible and customisable, you can use it for just about anything your marketing team needs. There's sure to be something for you and your team among our templates.

Definitely! Many marketing teams work with their agency partners directly in SeaTable. You can invite partners into a single base or share a single view to give them access to very specific data from your team. You define what permission you give and can ensure that only the right people can edit and remove data in your SeaTable database.

Marketing teams love our Plus subscription. With SeaTable Plus, you get access to features like the advanced permissions and automations. Plus, with Plus, you get extra storage and increase the maximum line limit, so you won't hit a limit anytime soon. For small teams just starting out, or for those working on a limited budget, SeaTable's free package gives you access to our basic features.

Our team is ready to help you make the right decision for your marketing team. If you want to learn more about how SeaTable works for larger teams and businesses, or if you're interested in our Plus or Enterprise subscription, you can contact our sales team. Otherwise, our help section is the best place to go for questions of any kind.

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