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Take your sales to the next level

Rely on SeaTable and bring everything from CRM to customer service under one roof - with one software. This will bring your sales business to full efficiency.

Manage your CRM

Besides the product, customer relationship management is often the heart of every sales department. Map your customer base and the complete customer relationship with SeaTable and always keep an eye on your customers.

Sales and CRM with SeaTable
Strengthen the customer relationship

Take care of your customers

ur customers are valuable and should never be dissatisfied. With SeaTable, you give them the opportunity to get in touch and solve problems quickly.

Document your supply chain

With SeaTable, you can manage your entire supply chain with a single system and track every activity - keeping your product top of mind.

Strengthen your supply chain

You are in good company

Around the world, companies and teams of all sizes rely on SeaTable

Solutions for your most important workflows

Many different processes are located in sales. A versatile software is needed that can flexibly adapt to all circumstances. SeaTable is the solution that unites your entire sales business in one system and reduces complexity to a minimum.

Use our templates

No matter what challenge you want to tackle with your sales team. With our templates, you can get started in no time and map the most important processes. At the same time, you can customise each template to your own needs and create a unique customer experience.

Link projects and applications

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Integrate all your favourite apps with SeaTable to streamline your most important customer workflow.

Useful resources

Project management requires experience and passion. Read more about how SeaTable can support you in your work here.

Frequently asked questions

Successful sales and account management teams work closely with other company departments. You need information from marketing to better understand your customers and you need to know from logistics what services you can offer. Only if a sales team is able to establish the necessary information exchange and intelligent processes, they will be successful.
This is exactly where SeaTable supports sales teams of all sizes. Collect all information centrally in one software and design the information exchange as you need it.

Hardly any other area influences the bond between customers and companies as much as sales. A consistently professional presence reliably generates sales, while unprofessional contacts send customers running for the hills. Break down the silos with SeaTable to speed up the processing of customer enquiries and create a coherent customer experience. This is the only way to create a strong and reliable long-term customer relationship.

Sales often has many interfaces with other areas of the company. With SeaTable you create a uniform database and can control processes in a targeted manner. With the possibilities of automations in SeaTable Enterprise, you define automatic processes that are always executed in the same way.

  • a customer enquiry is received ➝ the responsible officer is informed
  • a custom-made product is ordered ➝ the individual production process starts
  • the birthday of an important customer is coming up ➝ you are automatically prompted to send a personal video message one week beforehand

With our ready-made templates, you can set up the most important processes in no time and adapt them to your needs. Organise everything from your sales pipeline to customer onboarding with SeaTable.

The free subscription already provides you with the most important functions for a variety of sales projects. With the Plus subscription, collaboration with your customers and other departments in your company becomes much easier thanks to individual permissions for views. The increased limits also allow you to manage a larger customer base.
With SeaTable Enterprise you can build powerful business processes and increasingly automate them. Through custom Python scripts, you can take the customer experience and relationship to whole new levels.

We'd love to help you and your team take your sales processes to the next level with SeaTable. If you would like to learn more about how SeaTable works for larger teams and companies, or if you are interested in our Plus or Enterprise subscription, you can contact our sales team. Otherwise, the information in our help section will definitely help you.

Sales and CRM with SeaTable

Customer-focused teams build lifelong customer relationships with SeaTable